Miriam Kruishoop

LIVING IN AMERICA is the new exhibition by filmmaker and visual artist Miriam Kruishoop.
In her work, MK focuses on people and their stories. Using their narrative to amplify the
conversation about the ‘invisible’ people in our society. Having lived in the US for over a decade,
MK has been influenced by her surroundings and American society at large—the disparity and
the deliberate suppression of minorities, police brutality, and racism. MK’s passion for exploring
the cultural narratives in America spans a diverse set of creative genres. For example, in her film
“Greencard Warriors,” she focused on the issue of army recruitment of young undocumented
For LIVING IN AMERICA, video is used to help connect us to the unique experience of being black
in America. For the video installation, which was shot in high definition at 200 fames per second,
Miriam collaborated with Niaya Jones, an 18-year-old African American girl from Nickerson
Gardens, Watts. Nickerson Gardens is considered the poorest and toughest project in south
central Los Angeles. Niaya Jones (aka BOSSLADY) is a prominent ‘krumping’ dancer from the
area. Miriam and Niaya developed a dance choreography in which Niaya tells her story what it’s
like to be a Gen Z teen growing up in the ‘hood’. Through dance, Niaya helps us experience the
pain she felt when police right behind her home shot her best friend. Each movement captures
the sadness that she has felt through many hardships, including not being able to meet her
father who has been incarcerated most of her life (his first trial hearing is in 2032).

*Krumping or clowning is a style of dance combining convulsive arm movements with energetic
movements adapted from various urban dance forms. The style originates from south central
Los Angeles.

Grating the Grid
Solo exhibition Arnout Killian
You are hereby cordially invited to Arnout Killian’s solo exhibition Grating the Grid on Friday
March 29, from 7:00 – 9:00 PM.
The exhibition will continue through May 12 2019.

For the first time Killian’s sound installation Sphericals can be seen and heard at full intensity in
combination with a selection of his paintings. Sphericals consists of a grid of twenty spherical
speakers mounted onto the ceiling, whereby various soundscapes can be heard. Within this grid,
the movement of the sound between the speakers also plays a major role.
Both the soundscapes and the paintings are based on tight artificial grids that are disrupted to a
greater or lesser extent, creating an illusionistic, concrete and organic reality that seems to place
itself outside of the artwork. In the installation this happens through rhythmic shifts and
movements in the grid. In the paintings, this appears through deliberately built-in irregularities
and optical effects. By zooming in on imperfection, Killian approaches the world of electronic
image and sound in a critical way and, by doing this, he gives his sound works and paintings a
dramatic power.

SURFACE TENSION II at Pulchri Studio
Duo exhibition of Kirsten Hutsch and Esther Jiskoot

In the artists’ work the surface plays an important role, but most importantly is what lies
beyond the surface. The surface is the key to a certain reality. While Hutsch’s approach
is more philosophical and Jiskoot’s more intuitive, they are both deeply fascinated by
the intrinsic value, ‘the molecules’, of the materials they are working with. They are
questioning the extensibility of a surface: what penetrates through and what remains on
the surface, but also what the function of the surface entails: is it binding, shielding or
just granting access. Through deconstructing and ’reviving’ the materials Hutsch and
Jiskoot come to certain outcomes.

Opening Pulchri Studio on March 23 at 4 PM
Tuinkamer galerie
The exhibition will continue through April 16.
Lange Voorhout 15
2514 EA Den Haag
070 – 346 17 35

A duo exhibition of Vera Galis and Flavio Senoner
We cordially invite you to the opening in our gallery on February 1, 7:00 – 9:00 PM.
The exhibition will continue through March 24.

Flavio Senoner
Rhythm, structure and arrangement in natural materials as wood and plaster are essential for Flavio Senoner to compose his works. But for him order and ordering are not a goal in itself. Within the quadrant he works intuitively, arranging pieces until he feels the composition is harmonious. The next steps are the burning of the wood and he sometimes encloses the elements in plaster or adds horizontal or vertical wooden parchments. In his work he chooses black and white, light and dark, and in this way movement, plasticity and three-dimensionality come to the forefront.
Because of the natural and straightforward materials the works are made of, they welcome you to interact with them.

Vera Galis
Openness, transparency and spaciousness are keywords for Vera Galis’ sculptures. She describes her works as metal constructions. They are constructed of lines and squares in a variety of materials as copper, brass, stainless steel, alpaca and gold. Galis creates strong and compact shapes. Their strength determined by a construction of light materials, using mathematic systems where rhythm, multitude of detail and relative positions of connection, guarantee a clear and vibrant image.
Many works evoke associations with architectural forms, but also crystals and honeycombs come to mind. They are like scale models of bigger forms or conversely, an enlarged version of a molecular form.

Both artists are magnificent craftsmen. With their own chosen material they have explored the many possibilities and have found their own languages to express themselves. In contemporary abstract art they speak out in their personal and unique voice.
In the works of both artists you feel that space and light are essential to really experience the sculptures. Every second they appear in a different light, creating abstractions through the ever changing light and dark, the dynamic of horizontal and vertical lines, of depth and surface.

Diana Wind

Many thanks to Diana Wind, the curator of this exhibition.

A duo exhibition of Kirsten Hutsch and Esther Jiskoot

We cordially invite you to the opening in our gallery on December 14, 7:00 – 9:00 PM.
The exhibition will continue through January 27 2019.

Kirsten Hutsch

The works of Kirsten Hutsch investigate the relation between the real and the image. Our eye only glides over the surface of things. Our automatic perception of the world bounces off of the surface tension coating the real. It goes around them and does not enter into them. For this exhibition, Hutsch will show a selection of works from recent years. Across a variety of mediums, these works pose the ambiguity of the essential reality of the physical object on the one hand and the inherently artificial nature of their depiction on the other.

Esther Jiskoot

Jiskoot’s work has its roots in her fascination for the human condition.
In the works made for this exhibition she focused on men’s struggle to set himself free and find or hide one’s own identity.
Crossroads, choices, coulisses, explosions, light, insight, and connections play a role in the recent works. Jiskoot added the technique enameling to her wide range of tools. Most of the techniques and materials she uses have a relation to domesticity and craft and the role they play in self-empowerment.

In the artists’ work the surface plays an important role, but most importantly is what lies beyond the surface. The surface is the key to a certain reality. While Hutsch’s approach is more philosophical and Jiskoot’s more intuitive, they are both deeply fascinated by the intrinsic value, ‘the molecules’, of the materials they are working with. They are questioning the extensibility of a surface: what penetrates through and what remains on the surface, but also what the function of the surface entails: is it binding, shielding or just granting access. Through deconstructing and ’reviving’ the materials Hutsch and Jiskoot come to certain outcomes.


A group exhibition of Margriet van Breevoort, Fenneke Hordijk and Henriëtte Meijer

We cordially invite you to the opening in our gallery on October 26, from 7:00 – 9:00 PM.
The exhibition will continue through December 9, 2018.


OPENING FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 14, 7 – 9 PM September 15 – October 21, 2018

Lizan Freijsen’s work is about transformation and decay, based on photographic images of the phenomenon of water stains and a variety of ‘surface covering’ organisms, like mosses and lichen. This bio-diversity shows the intriguing complexity of life in traces, which transform into visual wall installations. Soft materials, organic structures meet the architecture of the gallery, in order to emphasize the necessity and presence of urban nature in our daily environment.
Pim Palsgraaf is inspired by decay and irregularities in the city and especially the discord between nature and urbanity. The new works presented during this exhibition are the result of an ever-deeper investigation into the erosion of the inner city. Empty spaces, old corridors and ceilings that are about to collapse nourish his fascination for this process. Palsgraaf is regularly roaming and working in the once so powerful industrial Giants that can be found in East Germany. Nowadays, many of these buildings have fallen into oblivion and became wastelands.

On July 14 NL=US Art will present two exhibitions at Pulchri Studio in The Hague

‘Violence Silencieuse’ a duo exhibition of Joris Link and Kumi Oguro will open in the Klinkenberg galeries at 3:00 PM.
‘Vibrant Colors’ a duo exhibition of Willem Besselink and Leslie Nagel opens in the Tuinkamer galerie at 4:00 PM

Lange Voorhout 15, 2514 EA Den Haag, Netherlands

Inside a Painting
The endless possibilities in the absence of order
Jasper de Gelder, Tiwánee van der Horst and Johannes Steendam

In this exhibition three artists come together, who do not shy away from experimenting and questioning painting from different angles.
In the past ten years Johannes Steendam’s multi-disciplinary practice has become more and more focused on painting. After a phase in which he experimented with various media, he discovered in 2012 the unusual combination of motor oil on paper. His recent ‘Oil Fields’ paintings form compositions of abstracted landscapes in a refined monochrome color scheme. The medium used also tends to evoke other connotations but it is the aesthetic imperative that dominates.

Tiwánee van der Horst ‘paints’ through an analogue 3D technique. She uses a mobile 3D-machine as a brush; she does not ‘paint’ her objects with paint but with recycled plastics. Her language of form is inspired by dance, as well as various art movements such as pointillism, impressionism and action painting. Van der Horst holds a Master’s degree in architecture. The rigid frameworks within architecture felt restrictive to her: “What if a window is constructed as a pointillist painting?” Her free work reflects on rigidity in architecture, including the digital trend of 3D printing.
Jasper de Gelder lived in Mexico for a considerable time. This country is in the top of the ranking of countries with the largest bio- and flora diversity. The oil paintings of De Gelder testify to this, in his staged ‘landscapes’ he creates a symbiosis between an invisible reality and the visible. This fictional ‘landscape’ sets the tone for his entire oeuvre in which organisms from the underwater world play important roles.
Johannes Steendam and Jasper de Gelder are part of the artists’ collective Eldorado3000. Through an idiosyncratic perspective they explore and execute the possibilities of three-dimensional work and installations in exhibitions and at arts festivals.

Anton Hoeksema


We cordially invite you to the solo exhibition like clockwork on Friday May 18, from 7:00 – 9:00 PM. The exhibition will continue through July 8, 2018.

The starting point of this solo exhibition is the novel A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess.
Most of Besselink’s art works are based on analytical procedures.
He uses different forms of registration and notations for mostly ordinary occurrences, to come to certain conclusions he then ‘translates’ into art works.
For his drawing series Novel Colours he processed all the colors mentioned in specific novels bearing a color in their titles. For like clockwork he translated A Clockwork Orange – being one of the first novels he researched for this series – into drawings, paintings and objects.
In addition Besselink realized a large site-specific installation setting the colors into the grid of the gallery’s ceiling.


Opening Friday April 6, from 7:00 – 9:00 PM.
The exhibition will continue through May 12, 2018.

(waiting for the return of the snow goose)

• inspired by Paul Gallico’s novella: The Snow Goose (1940/41)
• inspired by Camel’s lp with the same title (1975)
• the long wait of the loner, a powerful being, (or at its strongest moment) translated into a monumental perspective.
• Atelier Dré Wapenaar’s relationship with Design; the cliché idea of the tent, here triangular in shape,‘translated’ into a monumental sculpture.

The work I make is on the borderline: between architecture, design and sculpture. Sculpting is the basis.
I have always been interested in the movement of man in and around the work and the relationship one has with it.
With the introduction of canvas, and the theme tent that I have linked to it, this movement has been extended to people who revolve around each other. Tents, with the universal language they speak, give an excellent opportunity to shape the relationship between individuals and groups of people in different ways.

Dré Wapenaar


Saturday February 3 from 3:00 – 7:00 PM.
The exhibition will continue through March 25 2018.

Hans van Bentem and NL = US Art have been working together since NL=US Art Consultancy’ s founding in 2009. They have collaborated on two previous shows, namely ‘Hans & Hans: Dutch Invasion‘ in Asbury Park, NJ and ‘Mirror Mirror‘ in Rotterdam. Hans van Bentem is known for displaying monumental art pieces in public spaces, his sculptural installations, for example ‘Keep on Dreaming’ at Gemeentemuseum, The Hague and his dazzling chandeliers in ‘Escher in the Palace’, The Hague.

His search for traditional materials and techniques has become like a search for endangered species. To make his iconic sculptures, his search leads him to places all over the world: from finding crystal in the Czech Republic to bronze in India to Lacquer in Vietnam.

For his current show, IMPERIAL STACKS will take center stage. The IMPERIAL STACKS are Hans van Bentem’s latest series of stackable images, which can be combined in endless variations. Van Bentem made these stacks in Jingdezhen, China, inspired by the expressions in porcelain during China’s different Dynasties. Like most works by Van Bentem they have a tongue-in-cheek quality, created with great artistic freedom and a deeply personal interpretation.

The stacks consist of five bottom sections, five middle sections, and five top sections. Each section is executed in multiple variations: in hand painted decorative patterns, in glazes, or in metal. The sky is the limit: while one stack consists minimally of three parts, they can easily be stacked higher and higher. A small number of these works were made earlier and shown in the exhibition ‘Forbidden Porcelain’ in Prinsenhof, Delft.

In this exhibition Hans van Bentem will also show new ‘SELFPORTRAITS’ and new glasswork. This exhibition was supported by the ‘Kaleidoscope Links Stipend’ of NL = US Art.


Duo exhibition Joris Link and Kumi Oguro
December 8, 2017 – January 28, 2018

Curator: Renee Pijpers

In the ceramic work of Joris Link forms, structures, contrasts and repetition take center stage. He draws inspiration from mathematical forms, atoms, molecules, landscapes and nature.

The female models of Kumi Oguro on the other hand seem to be frozen in an indefinable space. The models look like dolls, but they are people who breathe and feel inner pain.


Pulchri Studio Lange Voorhout 15 2514 EA Den Haag
The exhibition will continue until November 8, 2017

In this exhibition, NL = US brought together two opinionated artists who don’t shy away from social criticism.

Bas van Beek shows his Royal Rip-Off series. Van Beek plays with the term ‘rip-offs’, which has two meanings: on the one hand ‘cutting’, or ‘sawing’ representing a type of craft, and on the other hand, ‘rip-offs’ referring to ‘stealing’ and ‘cheating’. The series ‘Rip-offs’ depicts cheap reproductions of well-known and less well-known designers. Van Beek has made use of existing templates at Royal Leerdam, providing his interpretation by disturbing the process and creating completely new shapes.

In the series ‘Mummified’, Jin Kim draws a comparison between the ancient feudal powers depicted in the weathered castles of remote glory and the powers that has the world in their grip now: politics, economics and the media. Both are symbols of authority and oppression, in the past, but certainly also in today’s world.
A recent political scandal in his country of South Korea has brought him to this series. The underlying thought is that capitalism has a devastating power that does not recognize the true needs and wishes of the people.


I would like to invite you to the presentation of the HOLLAND book, October 20th in the NL=US Art gallery. Over 100 artists and scientists were inspired by one of the nine songs of my HOLLAND album. In a beautiful design by Auke Triesschijn, 130 contributions are brought together in a 272-page book.

Mark Lotterman

This exhibition is curated by Piet de Jonge.


Wolf Aartsen, Paul Armfield, Bram Bakker, Vincent de Boer, Matthijs Booij, Paul Borchers, Leo Bormans, Tsead Bruinja, Iris Deppe, Piet Dieleman, Johnny Dowd, David Galjaard, Ineke van Geest, Jaap van Ginneken, Jan Gort (, Hugo Goudswaard, David Robert Grimes, Philip Hoorne, Wayne Horse, Rik van Iersel, Jim Impelmans, Matijs van de Kerkhof, Max Kisman, Philip Lindeman, Bob Mollema, Levi Olthof, Bobbi Oskam, Wiesje Peels, Vic van de  Reijt, Clay Routledge, Roel Rozenburg, Jaap Seidell, Krzysztof Soroka, Jay Sunsmith, Lars Svendsen, Frans van Tartwijk,  Thomas Triesschijn, Bloony Twisterman, Hans Vandenburg, Annemiek Vera, Philippe Vergoz, Patrick van Vliet, Walter und Gerda,  Ralph Zabel and Luuk van Zon


Sunday November 5, 2 – 5 PM: The three poets Tsead Bruinja, Daniel Dee and Philip Hoorne will read from their own work. With Music of Mark Lotterman
Friday December 1, 7 – 9 PM: Finissage. Music performance with Hans Vandenburg (Gruppo Sportivo) and Harry Merry.