A solo exhibition by Pim Palsgraaf
May 18 – July 06, 2024


May 18 – July 6, 2024

You are personally invited to the festive opening of a solo exhibition
by artist Pim Palsgraaf

Saturday May 18 | 3PM – 5PM
Art + Drinks

Looking forward seeing you on May 18!

NL=US Art Gallery

Exhibition statement

The exhibition titled ‘Below the Surface’ reflects on the relationship between urbanity and nature.

At first glance, the artworks in the exhibition are an accumulation of dilapidated buildings and architectural structures hanging and standing in space. They are made of recycled wood, concrete, and other building materials. The choice of building materials used refers to the construction and deconstruction of modern urban landscapes.

Time is an important element in Palsgraaf’s work. Every building and structure no matter how large or sturdy will at some point turn into a ruin. Yet it is not just about the constant process of construction and destruction, nihilism and consumerism or life and death but rather about the duality that makes up our world.

The perspective lines in the works are based on the systems devised to visualize our dreams and construct the world around us. At the same time, these systems give us false hopes of capturing reality and understanding our own perception. Palsgraaf decided a few years ago to investigate his own perception and spent five days in a completely sealed dark room, without time or sound. It became clear to him that time is only a concept and perception is a construct of the mind.

He decided to translate these findings into his work. His goal is to convey his experiences of time and perception to the viewer to create a moment of silence and total doubt, where for a moment the viewer seems to have lost all grip on the world.

Mauritsweg 55B
3012 JX, Rotterdam

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