‘The Cabinet of the Psychopomp’
by Truc-Anh

At the occasion of his first solo exhibition at NL=US, Truc-Anh will present a new body of artworks titled “The Cabinet of Psychopomp”. This immersive project which includes drawings, large shape canvas, sculptures, performance, and sound recordings aims to transform the entire gallery into a space for oneiric ritual.

Until September 7th, Truc-Anh invites participants to meet him for a one-on-one appointment at the NL=US Gallery. Each participant is asked to close their eyes and describe an imaginary character, object, or situation. The artist will create brand new drawings specifically based on this shared process.

In collaboration with the Japanese company Ko Pro, the artist developed a unique technique of drawing on cuprammonium rayon base fabric which absorbs 99.83% of the visible light. The white line seems to float into