Uomo Selvatico – Wild Man

You are hereby cordially invited to the opening of ‘Uomo Selvatico – Wild Man’, a solo exhibition by Caroline Coolen.

In our gallery on Saturday September 7, 3:00 – 5:00 PM.

The exhibition will continue through October 20 2019.

The Uomo Selvatico is an inspiring figure to Coolen, standing on the edge of society.

Whether it is a human, plant or animal: bastards, underdogs, stray dogs, weeds, thistles or raw, uncultivated landscapes,these are the ones that fascinate her and what her work relates to.

It’s about creatures taking on the shape of its environment or the fusion of humans and animals or plants, without being predictable and known.

Her wild man is despite his brutal appearance large but modest, even endearing.

The wild man expresses a desire for the primitive state of life.

He often embodies the utopia of a blissful and satisfied natural life.

In this exhibition Coolen will bring, next to the Wild Man, several other of those creatures together.