A duo exhibition of Vera Galis and Flavio Senoner
We cordially invite you to the opening in our gallery on February 1, 7:00 – 9:00 PM.
The exhibition will continue through March 24.

Flavio Senoner
Rhythm, structure and arrangement in natural materials as wood and plaster are essential for Flavio Senoner to compose his works.
But for him order and ordering are not a goal in itself.
Within the quadrant he works intuitively, arranging pieces until he feels the composition is harmonious.
The next steps are the burning of the wood and he sometimes encloses the elements in plaster or adds horizontal or vertical wooden parchments.
In his work he chooses black and white, light and dark, and in this way movement, plasticity and three-dimensionality come to the forefront.
Because of the natural and straightforward materials the works are made of, they welcome you to interact with them.

Vera Galis
Openness, transparency and spaciousness are keywords for Vera Galis’ sculptures.
She describes her works as metal constructions.
They are constructed of lines and squares in a variety of materials as copper, brass, stainless steel, alpaca and gold.
Galis creates strong and compact shapes.
Their strength determined by a construction of light materials, using mathematic systems where rhythm, multitude of detail and relative positions of connection, guarantee a clear and vibrant image.
Many works evoke associations with architectural forms, but also crystals and honeycombs come to mind.
They are like scale models of bigger forms or conversely, an enlarged version of a molecular form.

Both artists are magnificent craftsmen.
With their own chosen material they have explored the many possibilities and have found their own languages to express themselves.
In contemporary abstract art they speak out in their personal and unique voice.
In the works of both artists you feel that space and light are essential to really experience the sculptures.
Every second they appear in a different light, creating abstractions through the ever changing light and dark, the dynamic of horizontal and vertical lines, of depth and surface.

Diana Wind

Many thanks to Diana Wind, the curator of this exhibition.