Marjan Laaper

CAN REON presents its first festival in the hills above Tiana, Barcelona area, Spain. On Saturday May 27, contemporary music, dance, visual arts will meet and interact with the wild and natural location.

During the Can Reon Festival 2023 two video installations by Dutch artist Marjan Laaper will be shown: “Encounter” and the video installation: “Breathe”.

Marjan Laaper specialises in large-scale video projections, installations, and art commissions in public space.

The life cycles of humans and nature play an important role in her video work and installations. The work does not provide clear answers but shows recognisable elements that raise questions. Her videos symbolically refer to universal aspects of existence.

In the 2 video installations from the serie: “Longing for Paradise” animals play the leading part. The videos are filmed from 1 point of view. The videos use “congealed time”; ephemeral moments are stretched into an everlasting “state of being”.

Moving between the old and the new, between the local and the universal, between technology and nature, CAN REON creates a new experience for all the senses. CAN REON festival lasts one long evening and offers an experience for all senses with an innovative, cutting edge and eclectic program of concerts, performances, art installations and happenings, all accompanied by wine and food.

What is CAN REON Festival?
It is a unique experience where contemporary music, dance and visual arts meets excellent wine and innovative food.

What day is it celebrated?
On May 27, from 5:00 p.m. to midnight.

Where is the Festival?
Set in the hills above Tiana, just 20 minutes from Barcelona, the Festival takes place in CASINO DE TIANA, Carrer Edith Llaurador, 4–18, 08391. Tiana, Barcelona.

What does the Festival offer?
The festival offers contemporary, innovative and cutting-edge performances and happenings that will take place all over the festival location.