You are hereby cordially invited to the opening of the duo exhibition
by Preta Wolzak and Pieter W. Postma

in our gallery on Saturday June 4, from 2 – 5 PM
The show will continue until July 17, 2022


In this exhibition we will bring together the visual artists Preta Wolzak and Pieter W. Postma.
It is important for a contemporary artist to connect with an artist you admire and also connect as a human being; these things cannot be separated.
To connect with another artist in the land of the individualist is a challenge and enrichment in itself.
The connection is very clear in this exhibition: the abundance of color, materials, entire installations, but also the ‘artistic wink’ to one another.

Both are compulsive storytellers.
Underlying Wolzak’s work is inability or irritation. The common theme in her work is the injustice to people or the globe, which is caused by man himself. The story behind her work is most important to her: you can see the work as a beautiful portrait or landscape, but it cannot be made if it is not carried by a story.
She wants to incorporate that into images with different materials that explode like a bomb of sequins, leather, iridescent acrylics, silks from Japan, glow in the dark thread, and new fabrics.

Postma is a wandering storyteller: from his own immediate environment to parallel universes. He shows the ordinary every day, an action or an observation, portrait, or person. There is always a narrative element of the solitary protagonist or an abstract form which, in its mere appearance is an ode to the narrative.
In his sculptures and installations, derived from his wanderings, Postma combines hard and soft materials. He uses a wide arsenal of materials: wood, polyester, textiles, ceramics, and metals. The figures, his friends, arise from steel, paper, plaster, rubbers, (artificial) leather and fabrics.

Photo by Thijs Wolzak