We are all Entangled

Silvia B.

We are all Entangled
Save the date: May 11

Museum W
Solo exhibition Silvia B. & Friends with Lidy Jacobs, Jochem Rotteveel, Rob Bouwman, Anya Janssen
May 11 – September 29

Museum W in Weert is an enchanting newcomer in the realm of contemporary art museums.
My forthcoming exhibition marks only the fifth solo, yet the museum has already been nominated for the Museum Award 2023. Housed within a beautifully renovated former town hall, and showcasing mainly religious artefacts, Museum W has four splendid chambers dedicated to solo exhibitions.

Again I turned my solo into a group-exhibition – why stay alone if you can have a party!?
I’ve curated guest artists for each room, offering a platform for my Entanglement series to engage in intriguing dialogues with their works. As they are all created in about the same time and context, these works are entangled too. And each connection illuminates distinct essential characteristics in one another. One of the reasons why this is more interesting to me than a regular solo. I hope it will be for you too.

In the first chamber, my sculptures echo the lust for life and sensuality found in the large lace-like collages by Lidy Jacobs. Jochem Rotteveel’s forthcoming creation promises to dominate the second space with a riotous burst of colourful adhesive plastic, embodying, as my creatures in this room, the yearning for freedom and the rebellious spirit of emerging generations. Rob Bouwman will create a mesmerising kaleidoscopic wallpaper, based on the glooming translucent color strands of his paintings, evoking nocturnal revelries, obscure temptations and ominous conclusion, thus reflecting the spirit of some of my blackened beings. And finally, I’m trying to make a new sculpture to be surrounded by Anya Janssen’s recent series of poignant paintings. They explore themes of life and death, showing us young contemporary Fates and inviting reflection on the profound absurdity of life’s brevity and the longing for transition.

And we play all of our days away

Silvia B.

And we play all of our days away
Opening: March 23

Josilda da Conceição Gallery
duo-exhibition Quintus Glerum & Silvia B.
March 23 -April 27

In the duo-exhibition, And we play all of our days away, we explore the boundaries between humanity, technology and nature as we both deal with current human concerns, having to position one’s self between the forces of technology and nature. Though one is a recent graduate with honours from st. Joost school of art & design and Frank Mohr Institute and the other already has a 30-year-long art career, we both aim to simplify the complex world in a similar playful demeanour to discern what makes us human.

Quintus Glerum presents a series of a screen-based installation works that play a part in a larger narrative of escapism through simulation. This body of work comes about via his urge to render and romanticize the reality, resulting in a visual telling through the lens of a cartoon persona, while putting an emphasis on the elements of his own perception of reality and attempts to break it, which physically manifests in his requisite use of tangled, excess wiring system.

My latest sculptures from the series Entanglement will be on show. In these sculptures the boundaries between nature and culture become fluid. The bare skin of debarked trees blends seamlessly into that of human adolescents, intertwining their vulnerability and will to live in uncertain times. The series reflects on both the drama and the joy of human existence on earth.

BIG ART 2023

Lily de Bont

Lily de Bont’s ‘Circle Parts Rotating’ is a kinetic painting. It rotates counterclockwise, as if it wants to turn back time. This going back in time fits remarkably well with the artist’s working method. De Bont systematically removes threads from painter’s linen so that the tension disappears, and the longitudinal threads remain from the fabric’s structure. This “reversed weaving” is not only reducing material, but it also means returning to an earlier stage of the painting. The painted parts in ‘Circle parts rotating’ are circle parts. You could see it as shards of a whole and the turning back in time as a vain attempt to heal the circle. Meanwhile, through the combination of movement and gravity, the remaining linen threads show themselves as an ever-changing drawing, where the violet-black painted background can be interpreted as a space-time continuum.

Lily de Bont is represented by NL=US art, Rotterdam, info@nlisus.com

Marjan Laaper

Welkom in het grootste openluchtmuseum van Nederland: Lowlands 2023! Met veel gloednieuwe kunst van Maarten Baas, Iwan Smit, Gijs van Bon, Marjan Laaper, Kick That Ass Award winnares ShiSoH, Goldendean en pop-up spot The Gallery by Openlucht Atelier & Het Kwartaal kijk je dag en nacht je ogen uit. Ontdek het zelf of ga gedurende het weekend op excursie langs alle werken met de Art Tours.


Niels Post & Petra van Noort

An exhibition at KUNSTTEMPEL Kassel
Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 177 | 34119 Kassel | www.kunsttempel.net
Opening: Saturday, August 19., 2023, 19:00h
Expo: August 20. – September 17.


Album cover by Alexandra Roozen for CURRENT by composer Samuel Carl Adams.

Alexandra Roozen

Release: on September 8, Other Minds Records releases Current, three recent works by 2019 Guggenheim Fellow Samuel Adams.
Performed: by Karen Gomyo (violin), Conor Hanick (piano) and Spektral Quartet.
Artwork: by Alexandra Roozen, from the Plain Dust series, 160×120 cm, pencil on paper

On September 8, 2023, Other Minds Records releases Current, recent works by 2019 Guggenheim Fellow Samuel Carl Adams, two of which are world premiere recordings. The title work, Current, (world premiere recording), scored for string quartet and resonating snare drums, is performed by the Spektral Quartet, which co-commissioned the piece with Cal Performances; this album marks one of the group’s last projects as an ensemble. At the 2022 premiere in Berkeley, the San Francisco Chronicle called Current “a superbly inviting meditation on our old friends harmony, rhythm and rhetoric,” adding that the work represents “a powerfully precise convergence of ambition and means.” Bookending that large-scale work are Violin Diptych (world premiere recording), performed by violinist Karen Gomyo and pianist Conor Hanick, and Shade Studies, a piano solo performed by Hanick with electronics. Current is available for pre-order here:


Can Reon Festival, 2023

Marjan Laaper

CAN REON presents its first festival in the hills above Tiana, Barcelona area, Spain. On Saturday May 27, contemporary music, dance, visual arts will meet and interact with the wild and natural location.

During the Can Reon Festival 2023 two video installations by Dutch artist Marjan Laaper will be shown: “Encounter” and the video installation: “Breathe”.

Marjan Laaper specialises in large-scale video projections, installations, and art commissions in public space.

The life cycles of humans and nature play an important role in her video work and installations. The work does not provide clear answers but shows recognisable elements that raise questions. Her videos symbolically refer to universal aspects of existence.

In the 2 video installations from the serie: “Longing for Paradise” animals play the leading part. The videos are filmed from 1 point of view. The videos use “congealed time”; ephemeral moments are stretched into an everlasting “state of being”.

Moving between the old and the new, between the local and the universal, between technology and nature, CAN REON creates a new experience for all the senses. CAN REON festival lasts one long evening and offers an experience for all senses with an innovative, cutting edge and eclectic program of concerts, performances, art installations and happenings, all accompanied by wine and food.

What is CAN REON Festival?
It is a unique experience where contemporary music, dance and visual arts meets excellent wine and innovative food.

What day is it celebrated?
On May 27, from 5:00 p.m. to midnight.

Where is the Festival?
Set in the hills above Tiana, just 20 minutes from Barcelona, the Festival takes place in CASINO DE TIANA, Carrer Edith Llaurador, 4–18, 08391. Tiana, Barcelona.

What does the Festival offer?
The festival offers contemporary, innovative and cutting-edge performances and happenings that will take place all over the festival location.

Art Zuid 2023

Caroline Coolen & Hans van Bentem

ARTZUID 2023 will take place from 20 May – 24 September. Jasper Krabbé is the curator of the 8th edition of ARTZUID. Fifty sculptures by internationally renowned artists and Dutch talent are exhibited on Apollolaan and Minervalaan in architect Berlage’s Plan-Zuid. The route map and catalogue are available at the ARTZUID Information Pavilion t.o. Minervalaan 1. Entry tours are at 1pm on weekends. ARTZUID is accessible free of charge.

Het zeeprik genootschap

Lizan Freijsen & Silva B


‘Part of the resistance to Darwin and Wallace derives from our difficulty in imagining the passage of millions
much less aeons. What does seventy million years mean to beings who live only one-millionth as long? We are like butterflies who flutter for one day and think it is forever.’ Carl Sagan

‘Een kuil om snikkend in te vallen.’ Lucebert

Het Zeeprik Genootschap / Dutch Sealamprey Society/Confrérie hollandaise de la Lamproie de mer
te Amsterdam viert het tienjarig bestaan met een bijzonder evenementenprogramma. Het
Genootschap werd in 2013 officieel opgericht door kunstenaar en voedselarcheoloog Henri Roquas.
Datum: Zondag 30 april t/m zondag 4 juni 2023.

Dit programna met de titel ‘Een Schrei uit het Diepste van de Verloren Tijd’/’A Cry from the
Deepest Dephts of Lost Time’ opent zondag 30 april, 16.00 uur.
Locatie: Atelier van EatingTIME The Archaeology and the Art of Food and Eating /ULTIMA
THULE*Galerie van de Kunst van de Maal-Tijd, Blankenstraat 115, 1018RT Amsterdam.

1.Tentoonstelling: de Zeeprik als culinair erfgoed, als wetenschappelijk onderzoeksobject en
markant representant van het fenomeen levend fossiel, als kunstzinnige inspiratiebron; opening
‘Immortellentuin’; presentatie 1e Genootschapsblad ‘Gespijzigd door de Tand des Tijds’;
2. Tentoonstelling van kunstwerken geïnspireerd door de Zeeprik en het fenomeen levend fossiel,
presentatie van multiples geïnspireerd door de Zeeprik;
3. Lezingen van stadsecoloog Amsterdam Geert Timmermans (‘De zeeprik in Amsterdam’) en van
Henri Roquas (‘De Zegeningen van een Familie van Negenogen en van Blinde Prikken’);
4. Het gastronomisch ‘Immortellendiner’ met gerechten bereid van levende fossielen en met de
zeeprik als ‘pièce-de-résistance’, in samenwerking met Slow Food-Amsterdam.

Lees het gehele bericht hier.

Interview Marjan Laaper

Marjan Laaper

An interview with Marjan Laaper and art collector Maya Meijer, written by Eva Michiel for Ram Foundation.
Eva speaks with artists from Rotterdam and their collectors about their relationship.
How do they get in contact and what can they mean for eachother?

Read the full interview here

Voorlopers, Paleis Soestdijk

Marjan Laaper

The exhibition “Voorlopers” at the garden of Palace Soestdijk is open until Sunday 14th August 2022.
Gerrit Schreurs captured the exhibition in this video about the work “Encounter”.

More info:


Grand Summer Exhibition, Fulda 2022

Hans van Bentem

Oranges in Fulda

Splendid grandeur! Baroque palatial rooms with giant chandeliers, stories of kings and queens, princes and princesses, royal tableware, regal jewels, it all appeals to the imagination.

In the German city of Fulda this is all on display during the summer of 2022 in a spectacular summer exhibition revolving around the Orange-Nassau dynasty.

18 June 2022 – 25 August 2022

Stadtschloss Fulda
Schlossstr. 1
36037 Fulda

Opening hours
Daily 10.00 – 18.00 hrs.

Art Flow Zwolle

Caroline Coolen

21.05.2022 – 04.09.2022

Art Flow Zwolle
Kunstroute / Art Route

An initiative of Hanzestad city Zwolle, in cooperation with Museum de Fundatie

With works by Philip Aguirre, Stefaan Van Biesen, Guillaume Bijl, Caroline Coolen, Luc Deleu, Els Dietvorst, Boris Van Den Eynde, Maen Florin, Koen Van Mechelen, Alexandra Mein, Agnes Duijves, Nicolas Lavarenne, Jason Meyrs, Ria Pacquee, Arne Quinze, Yves Velter, Ronald A. Westerhuis

Curator Annelies Ysebaert

Volta New York, 2022

New York, USA


548 West 22nd Street, New York, NY10011

Wednesday, May 18
2 – 6 pm, Private View, by invitation only
6 – 9 pm, Public Vernissage

Thursday, May 19 — Saturday, May 21, 12 – 8 pm
Sunday, May 22, 12 – 5 pm

From June 13 – 19 we will be part of Volta Basel.
We will present the artists Willem Besselink, Esther Jiskoot and Pim Palsgraaf.
More information to follow.

The show ‘Matter Matters’ by Lizan Freijsen will continue until May 29.
The artist will be at the gallery during Art Rotterdam Week on May 20.
There will be a finissage on May 28 from 2 – 5 PM.

Art Rotterdam 2022

van Nelle Fabriek, Rotterdam

Please visit us at Art Rotterdam from May 19 – 22.
We will present Lily de Bont, Kirsten Hutsch and Jan Maarten Voskuil.

You can find us at booth 79. We still have some tickets available. Please contact us at info@nlisus.com

Van Nellefabriek
Van Nelleweg 1
3044BC Rotterdam

Preview: 11 AM – 5 PM
Opening: 5 PM – 10 PM

Thursday 19 May – Sunday May 22 2022
11.00 AM – 7 PM

Marjan Laaper

The Chinese European Art Centre

Rolling Snowball 14, Xiamen
Xiamen Powerlong Art Center, China
April 30th to June 11th 2022.
Group exhibition.

In celebration of Sino-Dutch artistic and cultural exchange, the Chinese European Art
Centre (CEAC) will present 35 artists from China and the Netherlands.
Marjan Laaper (Rotterdam, 1971), shows two works from the series: “Longing for paradise”
at the Xiamen Powerlong Art Center in China. The video-installation: “A sense of wonder” and
the video-installation: “Encounter”, in which animals play the leading part. The videos are filmed
from 1 point of view and show “congealed time”; ephemeral moments are stretched into an
everlasting “state of being”. The animals in the video-installations have become metaphors and symbols.
The exhibition is hosted by the Xiamen Powerlong Art Center and the
Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Guangzhou.

Xiamen Powerlong Art Center is located in the Roof Garden of Powerlong One Mall, Jinshan
Road, Siming District, in the east of Xiamen Island, the coast of the East China Sea.

Marjan Laaper

Voorlopers, Paleis Soestdijk

From May 12th till August 5th, Marjan Laaper will show her work “Ecounter”
during the outdoor exhibition “Voorlopers” at Paleis Soestdijk

Paleis Soestdijk
Amsterdamsestraatweg 1

Caroline Coolen

Club Solo

6 Feb – 20 Mar 2022
open Wed – Sun 11.00 – 17.00

official opening 6 Feb 15.00
For sculptor Caroline Coolen (Bree, Belgium, 1975), the use of collage, montage, assemblage, and free association is a way to get a grip on reality. Her aim is to transform the outside world – or Umwelt, as she calls it – and to compress it into a single overall impression: sensitive and sensory like a plant, instinctive and intuitive like an animal, and rational and irrational like a person.

Her work is multisensory in nature: she connects the visual and the tactile with a range of textures and materials. She often presents her sculptures and large drawings as total installations. Some works, left unfinished for years, suddenly spring to completion after she adds new, complementary components.

Caroline Coolen is exhibiting works at Club Solo that are the result of her travels, such as Chum (2016), which combines an outdoor sculpture with a nomadic tent.

Alexandra Roozen


Alexandra Roozen’s TRACES project includes a short video (https://vimeo.com/656516361) and a series of 48 machine drawings (launch in 2022). An unconventional drawing technique mastered through experimentation. With the focus on rotation and sound, as well as the mechanical force versus taming the line into a shape.
The design of the drawings is based on two scores that composer Willem Boogman wrote about the work of Alexandra Roozen (the Plain Dust and Seen by Hand series), performed by the renowned Ives Ensemble in Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ in Amsterdam.
The TRACES project is made possible thanks to filmmaker Inouschka de Nooijer, Center for Visual Arts Rotterdam and Stichting Droom en Daad.

Margriet van Breevoort


A solo show at the LUMC in honor of Leiden European city of science.
17th of March till 29th of May 2022