Common Ground

‘Common Ground’ shows works on paper from various series by Alexandra Roozen. Like the ordering principles in Roozen’s individual pieces, each artwork in the exhibition enters a dialogue with the other works and finds a ‘common ground’ based on their similarities and styles. The exhibition includes drawings in graphite as well as embossings on paper.

In Roozen’s drawings, she meticulously fills blank sheets until not a single spot is left open. In doing so, the artist ensures that minimal differences in gesture, hatching, and rhythm have a reinforcing effect and create new structures. Changes in tone, light, or contrast reveal hidden spaces and volumes that touch, rotate, merge, or slide past one another. The works, therefore, invite the viewer to look again and again, in changing perspectives, from the smallest element to the bigger picture and vice versa. Meditative and labor intensive, Roozen’s artworks often take many weeks to complete: pushing against the current culture of efficiency and time pressure.