NL=US Art presents PAST HOMES, a duo show by artists Rosa Peters and Cecilia Rebergen curated by Sophie Bargmann of SOBA Studio. Marking one year since the launch of the new gallery space in Rotterdam, this exhibition is curated to illustrate the breath of the gallery’s creative collaborative approach in giving space to the artistic expression of three young women, using personal memories and cultural-historical research as a guiding principle.

The title PAST HOMES refers to the investigation of the broader cultural landscape and of ancient languages and traditions. Personal memories of different times and places and (self-imposed) dogmas are being reconsidered and reconstructed in the artworks, showcasing a balance of opposing perspectives and the beauty that can emerge from disorder and of letting go of expectations.

The exhibition boasts a diverse display of works, with elements of naturalism balanced against industrialization. The use of soft brush strokes in Peters’ oil paintings generates a unique dialogue with the distorted sculptures of Rebergen. The architecture of NL=US Art Gallery invites contemplation and guides you on an exploration of your own personal memories of time and space.

PAST HOMES seeks to present a cultural dialogue, providing snapshots from the world through the purposeful placement of the artistic voices of Rosa Peters and Cecilia Rebergen and Sophie Bargmann’s discerning lens.

Mauritsweg 55B
3012 JX, Rotterdam

Wed – Thu
Open by appointment

Fri – Sun
12 – 5 pm

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