Willem Besselink
Altenburger Density
28 x 18 x 4 meters

Willem Besselink

Willem Besselink’s work derives from a fascination with structures that are embedded within daily occurrences. Structures that are invisible at a given point, but through recurrences become apparent in time.

His aspiration is to grasp such structures by observing trivial daily occurrences and the manifestation of their patterns. Besselink seeks to understand and assimilate them, using different forms of registration and notation. The outcomes visualize these structures and reimagine their appearance, paying specific attention to resourceful and innovative uses of matter and form. The starting points for these examinations are small, trivial and often personal events. The observations’ personal nature determines methods whereby the researcher (Besselink) is both the observer and the observed. 

This approach sets up a number of reflexive enquiries. By trying to get hold of these structures, can he get a hold of himself? By influencing these structures, do they influence him as well? What is the effect of the personality/presence of the researcher on what is being investigated? By addressing these questions through form and matter, the discussion about the work goes beyond a purely personal language.
What is observed and the site of where the observation is made determine the medium, technique and dimensions of the works.
The derived works from the observing, registering and visualizing take on a wide range of different media: from small drawings to large installations.

Willem Besselink
Pilar Spiral
3,5 x 38 x 11 meters

Willem Besselink
Moscow Ratio
+/- 10 x 5 x 4 m

Willem Besselink
Like clockwork
Solo exhibition
NL=US gallery, Rotterdam / NL
May 18 – July 8 2018

Willem Besselink
F=mg≠F NYC
125 x 250 x 125 cm