Rhythmic Encounters

A duo exhibition by Ruth Borgenicht and Flavio Senoner.
Ruth Borgenicht’s work is filled with paradoxes. From afar it is reminiscent of the chain mail
 armor used for protection during battle, but upon closer inspection one is caught by surprise.
The artist’s creations are highly fired ceramics, made of a material that is simultaneously strong, 
inflexible, and fragile.

Borgenicht marvels at the interdependence of movement & structure. How suspension bridges,
 buildings, and trees sway. How movement, not rigidity, is a foundation for resilience and
strength. The interlocking components in her work form moveable planes where the movement, 
literal or implied, is bound by different kinds of structures. The space between and among the
 rings, defined as negative space, gives the work potential to change. The terms negative
space and its converse, positive space, seem limiting in their binary-ness and completely
 interchangeable depending on one’s perspective. Regardless, that space: positive, negative or in combination, allows each piece to create its own unique sound, dependent on the type of clay, pattern, firing temp or if the surface is glossy from soda-firing.

Rhythm, structure, and arrangement in natural materials as wood and plaster are essential for 
Flavio Senoner to compose his works. He explores the possibilities of material, of construction
 and interplay of different materials, but for him order and ordering are not a goal in itself. Within 
the quadrant he works intuitively, arranging pieces until he feels the composition is harmonious. 
The next steps are the burning of the wood, and he sometimes encloses the elements in plaster
 or adds horizontal or vertical wooden parchments. In his work he chooses black and white, light,
 and dark, and in this way movement, plasticity and three-dimensionality come to the forefront.
Because of the natural and straightforward materials, the works are made of, they welcome you
 to interact with them. Senoner is a magnificent craftsman. With his own chosen material, he has 
explored the many possibilities and has found his own language to express himself.

He developed his personal and unique voice in contemporary abstract art. 
In his work you feel that space and light are essential to really experience the sculptures. Every 
second they appear in a different light: creating abstractions through the ever changing light and
 dark, the dynamic between horizontal and vertical lines, of depth and of surface.

Borgenicht’s work as well as Senoner’s work display a mathematical structure, a certain rigidity, 
but when you approach the works, you encounter fluidity, rhythm, and movement. Both have a deep understanding of their medium and constantly question boundaries resulting in an ever-
evolving oeuvre.

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Mauritsweg 55B
3012 JX, Rotterdam

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