Mischa van der Wekke

Applied artist Mischa van der Wekke creates things that can be situated between furniture design and art object. Mischa van der Wekke makes unique pieces but mostly works in multiples.

He has produced several series. His series ‘Reincarnated Furniture’ ‘green’ thinking or recycling is his guide. Van der Wekke uses existing, most of the time recognizable furniture and arranges it differently, reinterpreting it and giving it a new life by discarding excess material.
Van der Wekke walks a thin line between furniture maker and designer. He doesn’t see himself as an artist; he is too much of a pragmatist. He describes himself as a Form-seeker. With a broad interpretation of designing and crafting furniture, Mischa van der Wekke enriches the domain of Dutch Design, presenting the joy in discovering new forms.

His work has been shown in galleries and other art & design institutions and can be found in private collections.

Van der Wekke graduated from the Hout- en Meubilerings College, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He lives and works in Rotterdam, NL.