Tiwánee van der Horst

Inside A Painting

The Endless Possibilities in the Absence of Order

Through robotization and digitalisation we are slowly removing the human from the making process. We lose connection with the materials, the end result and our own human skills. Tiwánee van der Horst developed a 3D painting machine as a reaction on the 3D-print technology, to reintegrate the human in both the creation- and making process. The machine, called Ana, consists of a plastic extruder hanging from a balanced mechanism, enabling me to move freely and intuitively through the air while recycled plastic is being extruded.

Circular message through art

Van der Horst believes art can take an active role in delivering the circular message. Nowadays, the making industry is responsible for at least 30% of the exhaustion of earth’s raw materials. Through her sculptures she emphasises the beauty of plastic and making by hand. Van der Horst uses plastic in it’s most natural way by working with its fluidity, to make sculptural paintings. She strives to connect the visual arts – architecture, sculpture and painting
Thoughts on her most recent project: Living inside a painting

Look through the window. See how we frame our inner and outside world into a rigid grid: shapes that are a result of industrialisation and mass-production. A way of making that uses order to increase productivity and efficiency.

Living inside a painting means anything is possible, you let go of existing ideas and feelings of order, knowing it is possible that reality can be like a Dalí composition. Building up structure like a painter, means you can determine the exact constellation of your surroundings. Solidifying your every movement as you dance with liquid. The movements of your body give shape to your surroundings. It creates a fine line between full autonomous control and total surrender and letting go.

What happens if it is all up to you?
What remain to hold on to is your gut feeling – your intuition – and the laws of nature. Or is order and structure an inescapable necessity for us?

If Van der Horst can paint a 3D line in mid air, how can she make sure it will stay there? What if she starts weaving with that line? Can she weave her house? She will start with the window. Windows are the eyes of spaces, the connection between inside and outside.

Through her new technique Van der Horst is rethinking the traditional shape of the window. The fluidity of the material and freedom of movement shows her how to let go of existing forms.
Then come doors, floors, walls and she can live inside a painting…

Tiwánee van der Horst lives and works in Rotterdam. She graduated from the Technical University Delft with a Masters in Architecture (Cum Laude).