Working fluidly across a broad variety of mediums in paintings, and sculptural forms, Wendy Letven explores the the illusory aspects of light, color and pattern. She is interested in the suggestive nature of forms as symbols that trigger our sensory experience of space through the abstract memory. She provides for the viewer an open-ended decoding experience when engaging with the work. Often, it calls into question the connection and dialogue between human-made designs and the naturally occurring structures they mimic. Letven frames the poetry that exists in the liminal space between reality and illusion in paint and in site-specific installations. “It is my feeling that there are simply degrees of stability in all things. Shadows come and go, and so does paper and other materials I use as an artist. All is ephemeral, a state which can be made visible in powerful ways, depending on the lens through which the artist chooses to frame it” –Wendy Letven

Wendy holds a BFA from Tyler School of Art and an MFA from Hunter College. She teaches at New York University and The New School. She lives and works in Montclair, NJ.

Nationality: USA
Birthplace: Philadelphia
Hometown: Montclair, NJ
Place of Work: New York City
Birthdate: January 25, 1962