Abundance, desire and inability as displayed on the Internet are an important source
in the work of both Petra van Noort and Niels Post. Both artists use extremely labor-
intensive ways of working to convert the online scrolling-culture into drawings and
Petra van Noort draws portraits of Instagirls. Women who post thousands of photos
of themselves on Instagram in the hope of a career as influencers but only have few
followers. Van Noort follows them and based on posted selfies and visual elements
from their Instagram feed, she builds up her large collage-like drawings.
Niels Post saws the textual waste from his spam filter into wooden wall sculptures:
from long sentences that fit into a space to a new series of works in which the
readability of the text is less important.
Especially for the exhibition at NL = US and for the first time, Van Noort and Post
have made three works in which Van Noort’s painting work comes together with
Post’s hand-sawn spam texts.