Alexandra Roozen

Roozen’s work speaks of experiment, but is also deeply indebted to the tradition of drawing. The artist’s keen awareness of its history, combined with her well-honed technique, leads her to further explore drawing’s possibilities and boundaries. Her methodology rests on two meticulously researched components: a manual approach and a semi-manual approach. Each of those components has a serial and a parallel aspect, which Roozen constantly scrutinizes and develops. Although her work is based on analysis, her drawings possess a multi-layered perspective, juxtaposing alluring and estranging qualities. The beauty of Roozen’s works is revealed by her technique of questioning–almost demanding—that the viewer looks at the works in different ways.

Roozen regularly exhibits her work, including the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, CODA, MMKA Museum Arnhem, Verbeke Foundation (BE), Garage Rotterdam, Drawing Centre Diepenheim and at art fairs such as Art Amsterdam, Art Rotterdam (NL), Drawing Now Paris (FR) and Pulse Miami (US) is upcoming in 2017. Roozen graduated with honors from the Art Academy St. Joost in Breda. She lives and works in Rotterdam.