Die Bestätigung In Search of Being
A duo exhibition by Jan de Bruin & Monika Dahlberg

In this duo show we will bring two artists together with distinctly different art practices. Monika Dahlberg predominantly makes collages and images in which form languages and stereotypes from different cultures collide or come to a synthesis. She likes to provide sculptures of classic masterpieces with mean cartoon character heads and anachronistic objects. She also transforms African sculptures, once made for tourists, into entirely new appearances.

Jan de Bruin is an observer, he makes photographic portraits of people he meets on the street, has short encounters with, and people he has known for years. He uses his camera to approach people, capturing them seemingly off guard at the precise moment between apprehension and trust. His subjects are waiting for an answer and make you ill at ease with their piercing vulnerability, their questioning eyes and their intimacy.

Both artists though seek confirmation outside themselves, asking existential questions about their relationship with other people and finding connection with them through their art.