More and less
A duo exhibition by Jan Maarten Voskuil & Lily de Bont

On Saturday October 26, 2019 NL = US Gallery will open ‘More and Less’, the first duo exhibition of the painters’ couple Lily de Bont and Jan Maarten Voskuil.
As can be expected with a love affair, the artists complement each other in many ways.
Their starting points show great similarity, but also remarkable contrast. The similarities lie in the reductive way of working and the conceptual approach to the painting. Both artists try to escape the limitations of painting, but they do so in almost opposite ways. Destruction and construction of painting is the contrast on which this exhibition is founded.

Lily de Bont lives and works in Rotterdam. She graduated with honors in 1989 at the Sint Joost Academy in Den Bosch. That year she received the “Lucas Prize” and the “Jan Hoet Prize”.

Jan Maarten Voskuil lives and works in Rotterdam. In 1989 he graduated in General Arts at the University of Groningen and in 1997 at the Ateliers Arnhem.