Grating the Grid
A solo exhibition by Arnout Killian

For the first time Killian’s sound installation Sphericals can be seen and heard at full intensity in combination with a selection of his paintings. Sphericals consists of a grid of twenty spherical speakers mounted onto the ceiling, whereby various soundscapes can be heard. Within this grid, the movement of the sound between the speakers also plays a major role.
Both the soundscapes and the paintings are based on tight artificial grids that are disrupted to a greater or lesser extent, creating an illusionistic, concrete and organic reality that seems to place itself outside of the artwork. In the installation this happens through rhythmic shifts and movements in the grid. In the paintings, this appears through deliberately built-in irregularities and optical effects. By zooming in on imperfection, Killian approaches the world of electronic image and sound in a critical way and, by doing this, he gives his sound works and paintings a dramatic power.