Leslie Nagel
No title
Height 500, width 50 cm
Coil springs, synthetic hair, motor

Leslie Nagel

Leslie Nagel’s sculptures squeak, grind, tap, shock and crack.

The squeak of Styrofoam can give anyone Goosebumps. Foil can pleasantly crackle. It releases energy able to affect inner movements and impulses. Such energy drives Nagel to make things. She gathers materials around her like plastic, fabric, rope, polystyrene, because she is interested in how they react to her manipulation of them. Nagel keeps the material in motion and often use motors that let it swing, sway and tremble. With this collection she makes her sculptures. Nagel uses personal experiences to lead her, to give her an idea of where she is headed. Her work could arise with two elements: situations she experienced and material research.

Leslie Nagel
Diameter 120 cm, height 250 cm
Plaster, metal, rope, wool, wheels, engine

Leslie Nagel
No Title
The reflecting, pleated fabric turns and swings around.
100 cm diameter
fabric, motor

No title
These sculptures vibrate in different ways.
Concrete, metal, rope, wool, yarn, plastic, motors

Part of the exhibition VIBRANT COLORS Duo exhibition with Willem Besselink by “NL = US Art” in Pulchri Studio The Hague.

(H x W x D) 150x40x15 cm, 200x40x55 cm, 170x50x20 cm

Leslie Nagel
Version 2: 2014 video
Version 3: 2017 image
Metal, fabric, rope, yarn, plastic, motors 300X400X300 but flexible

The whole construction vibrates with the help of motors. Shown in the exhibition“A Squeak, SCREECH, BANG, FWOOSH AND CRACK”. Duo exhibition with Aime Yoshikawa in the Bierumerschool, Bierum, Groningen.